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Ultrasound and Echocardiography 123sonography

    With the Point of Care Ultrasound FocusClass you will become skilled in the use of handheld ultrasound devices and ultrasound exams in your clinical setting. You will save critical time in making a diagnosis - even if you currently have little or no experience in the use of ultrasound.Author: Philipp_1

GE Vivid Club - 123 Sonography

    Register here to see a free sample chapter for a real life experience.; VividClub members profit from a reduced course fee of € 414,- (€ 50,- discount). Login to get your voucher code!

123sonography - YouTube

    Global #1 community for medical ultrasound & echocardiography. With more than 30,000 alumni and 400,000 users from over 180 countries. 123sonography is leadi...Views: 5.3K

How to Image 123sonography

    This chapter will teach you hands-on wisdom of echocardiography: echo windows and views as well as practical tips that no one will ever teach you during on-site courses and that you also won’t find in books. This chapter is rich in demos that show you how to scan.

Echo MasterClass 123sonography

    Echo anatomy can be hard to grasp. Upon completion of this chapter, you will know exactly where and how to find the different cardiac structures and how to quantify the …

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